Gritty Mascot from Philadelphia Flyers Pumpkin Carving Template



Gritty the Philadelphia Flyers mascot pumpkin carving template by Tom Gabor


Here’s a quick Gritty pumpkin-carving template I recently created for everyone’s new favorite Mascot, Gritty! I’ll admit, at first I was skeptical, even a little frightened. But when the national media started chiming in, Philadelphia fans stuck up for Gritty and made him their own! For someone who loves sports marketing and appreciates good sports branding and logo design, to create something so polarizing (at first) is a real boon for the Philadelphia Flyers and their fans. I can’t wait to meet him at the Flyers Wives Carnival on November 18, 2018.


Download the Gritty template here!


Don’t forget to add googly eyes to make him perfect!


Feel free to use the the template for your own and shout out my social media. I’d love to see the results!

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gritty the philadelphia flyers mascot pumpkin carving template download by tom gabor
*I am in no way affiliated with the Philadelphia Flyers and will receive no compensation from this fan art.*




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